One of the most enjoyable and beloved products that is coffee has been providing us for years with the Rossides coffee grinder where of course there are all the coffees and not only the Greek one. The prices are among the best in the local market since it is a cheap product anyway. One of the most beloved products of man, which is coffee, has been supplying us for years in Xanthi the coffee roaster of Athanasios Rossidis who has written his own history in the market of Xanthi

However, in the Rossides coffee shop there are all kinds of coffees and not only the Greek one, while at the same time one can find other beverages such as tea. Of course, the preference for coffees other than greek coffee, mainly by young people, has helped coffee shops significantly. However, despite the wide variety of coffees, Greek always has a place in every home and given that it is a very cheap product, the economic crisis has not particularly affected its demand.

As for the prices, those in this store are among the best that can be found in the market of Xanthi. Let’s note in closing that coffee, in addition to being enjoyable, is also particularly useful for our health since, according to the medical world, it contributes to the prevention of many diseases.